Monday, February 28, 2011

Pictures from January thru February (2011)

Noelani, Nadia, and Andrea

Adal with Mr. Beaver

Andrea with Noelani

Ian (who´s peddling the bicycle) and Adal (who´s enjoying the ride). Ian always tries to teach Adal how to ride the bicycle, getting a little frustrated when Adal doesn´t catch on quickly...finally he realized it was a lot more fun to just give Adal a free ride. It made me happier, too!

Noelani with her Papi holding our pet turtle.
Here is our turtle, Joshua (the kids picked out the name).
Nadia and Adal reading together.
Andrea cleaning...without being asked!
Ian, exhausted at the end of a productive day. You can see the box tied do to his bed. We bring the groceries home in boxes...Andrea got a box one day and begged to have it tied onto her bed so she could put her stuff in it. What we did for one child, we ended up having to do it for all. Behold, they keep their special things in it.
One morning, they all piled in a crib together and we thought it was a kodak moment.
Here you can see the clan enjoying a special treat. A dear friend who sells ´tlacoyos´ often brings us the left-overs. ´Tlacoyos´ are homemade corn tortillas filled with beans, cheese, or gotta try them one day!
For Christmas, their Grandmother gave them a book recorded in her own voice, Guess How Much I Love You. Here are the kids are when they first saw the surprise.
Playing together after being blessed with new toys one day.
Enjoying icecream (in a cup) together.
This is where we go to the doctor, if needed. In this picture is the infamous Dr. Simi that´s often at the can see our kids really enjoy seeing him. Now they play ´Dr. Simi´ at home.
We made edible chocolate peanut butter playdough the other was a special treat. For some reason, the kids weren´t hungry the rest of the day.
Adal, our left-handed man, coloring.
Nadia coloring.
Ian coloring.
This is a picture from our second English class.
This is children´s Sunday school class. They meet upstairs, where we also have English class and do homeschool.
This is one of our Sunday celebration services (downstairs).
A very generous person gave a monetary gift to our family for Christmas. We were able to buy new shoes for the kids...
...also a dry-erase board to help teach the kids, as well as a refrigerator (not pictured). Thanks for your kindness!

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